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A mysterious still life has the art world in suspense. To date no one has been able to explain how Torrentius, one of the most infamous libertines of the 17th century, could achieve such photographic perfection. An absorbing thriller from the world of art history.

Mysterious Masterpiece investigates the amazing life and work of the 17th century Dutch master Johannes Torrentius, the best still life painter of the early Golden Age. Only one of his paintings survives: Still life with a Bridle (1614, Rijksmuseum). An enigmatic work calling for temperance, threatening with the devil’s chord.

Ironically, Torrentius lived the life of a celebrity. He was a freethinker and a notorious libertine. Accused of being the leader of the forbidden Rosicrucian order he was put to jail in the religious town of Haarlem, tortured beyond measure and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for blasphemy. Set free after two years at the mercy of the Prince of Orange and Charles I, king of England, he found refuge in London. In the end, all of his works vanished into thin air.

Still life with a Bridle was discovered in 1914 in a Dutch groceryshop, where it had been used as a lid on a raisin barrel. It remains a complete mystery. Traces of oil paint were never found, there are no visible brushstrokes. To date no one has been able to explain how Torrentius achieved such photographic perfection. In Mysterious Masterpiece a new attempt by scientists in the Rijksmuseum is done to unravel the secret method of Torrentius.

Mysterious Masterpiece, made by Maarten de Kroon in cooperation with Jeanne van der Horst, and premiered as Cold Case Torrentius in 2016 at the Netherlands Film Festival and DOK.fest München 2017.


Christopher BrownProfessor of Netherlandish Art, University of Oxford
Yvette BruijnenArt historian and author
Susanne HerreSpecialist early music, theorbe
Martin Kemp Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, Oxford University, specialist in imagery in science and art
Katrien Keune Scientific researcher, Rijksmuseum
Ad LeerintveldCurator special collections Koninklijke Bibliotheek / National Library, The Hague
Walter LiedtkeFormer curator Dutch and Flemish paintings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Nelleke NoordervlietDutch writer
Mariana PimentaSoprano
Pieter RoelofsCurator 17th century paintings, Rijksmuseum
Prof. dr. J.E. SpruitProfessor Legal History, Utrecht University
Arie WallertFormer scientific researcher Rijksmuseum, professor Atelier Practice, University of Amsterdam

This DVD is the international version with English subtitles

Type discDVD NTSC plays worldwide
GenreArt & Culture
Jaar van uitgave2018
RegisseurMaarten de Kroon
UitgeverG.O.Docs & Picture Ahead
Speelduur68 minuten
Beeldformaat16:9 (widescreen)
VerpakkingStandaard Amarray
OndertitelingEnglish subtitles only
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